Themes for 2019
Happy New Year ! The names associated with each month correspond to there theme in 2018
January 10th *    (2nd Thursday)    Best Image you didn’t show from 2018
February 7th     Simple Backgrounds       (Fred Borgianini)
March 7th      Before 8:00 am.                (Gloria Matyszyk)
April 4th        In or On the Water         (Sonia Smith)
May 2nd     Seeing Double                   (Gen Hetzel)
June 6th      Alley Ways                    (Jane Egbert)
July 11th * (2nd Thursday).        Repetition in B & W            (Dotty Bellefleur)
August 1st                  Macro Action-               (Will Hetzel)
September 5th                   Travel                       (Dick Caldwell).  
October 3rd.              On the Street.              (Larry Korth)
November 7th                    Leaves.                (Janell Bailey)
December 5th              Slide Shows of YOUR 2018 theme.