About our member  Tom McGrath


They call me Tom, AKA “His Largeness”, AKA “The Muffin Man”, AKA Poppy. About seven years ago I finally became tired, so I thought now I could get re-tired. So in 2010 we (that is my beautiful wife Laura and I) moved here. I had taught biology, including genetics, (some would say I was searching for the meaning of life while being cross a lot) for 43 years in an Upstate NY community college where I also directed the Honors Program for a time. I was Principle Investigator for a research project for Earthwatch Institute studying the ecology of the coral reefs in the Bahamas for 15 years (a likely reason most of my opinions are considered to be all wet). Our two children, our son-in-law and our 2.5 year old granddaughter live locally which gives Laura the opportunity to be sure that everyone eats their vegetables and me the chance to be silly with my granddaughter quite often. When I heard friends say for the umpteenth time, “Well, you should get the picture,” I just knew they were telling me to try photography as a hobby. That’s why I’m here. I shutter to think what else I might be doing with my time.

 these are a few of her favorite images